Dog Leads

Leads, collars, lanyards and whistles.
Rope slip lead 0.9m long with rubber stopper, 8mm thick rope.
This lead is one of our most popular and allows good control with the minimum of force. The rubber stopper is used to stop the lead loosening off too much and allowing the dog to slip its lead. It's a great training tool if used in the right way - that is- position it high on the neck with the ring between the ears and don't pull back - pull up. Available in 4 colours. The techniques are all in the book!
Tracking Line 6 metres long. Uses 6mm thick rope. Metal clip. Ideal for smaller dogs.
This sturdy 6mm thick rope tracking line is 6 metres long and has a silver-coloured metal clip at one end to attach to a collar. There is a hand loop at the other end. Ideal for the smaller dog as the 6mm rope is lighter. Manufactured in England by KJK Ropeworks and guaranteed for 12 months. Postage and packing included in the price.
Hand Loop with metal clip for large dogs.
This sturdy hand loop is great for controlling a large breed dog. It has a metal clip to attach to a collar.
Tracking line 10.5m long, Uses 8mm thick rope
This tracking line is 10.5m long, It uses 8mm thick rope and has a silver-coloured metal clip to attach to a collar, another silver coloured ring halfway along the rope to halve the length if needed and a loop at the end to hold in the hand. A useful tool for training the larger dog.
Lanyard, brown cord with ring
Brown cord lanyard
Lanyard, green nylon cord with clip
Lanyard, green nylon cord with metal clip
Rope slip lead 1.5 metres long, 8mm thickness, with rubber stopper.
This gun dog slip lead can be used with medium and small breeds. Available in 4 colours it is a useful tool to stop pulling.