Dog training without treats; tales of a dog whisperer book

Dog training without treats; tales of a dog whisperer by Ade Howe. Hardback book, 128 pages full of training tips, case histories and urban myths. The book details easy solutions for the most common behaviour problems with dogs. Warning: contains dogs that are nuts. Buy one get another at half price up to the New Year!

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Dog training without treats is a self-help book for dog owners and trainers detailing solutions for the most common dog behaviour problems.
It contains amazing new dog-friendly techniques which are simple, quick and effective without the need for treats or using the flawed 'positive reinforcement' theory. After all, if positive reinforcement worked why would we need dog rescue centres?
This hardback first edition has 128 pages in full colour packed with new training techniques, case histories and shaggy dog stories, urban myths, great pictures and simple, down-to earth explanations of how to understand and communicate with your dog. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to control and correct your dog's behaviour. The author learned these techniques when working with problem dogs; the rescue dogs abandoned by their owners; the dogs deemed 'un-trainable' by other trainers and behaviourists. He reveals his secret training techniques and exposes the dark underbelly of the dog training business. The scams registered trainers use to relieve desperate dog owners of their hard-earned cash and how to avoid them. It's a book that will make you laugh and cry but you will end up having a much deeper bond with your dog because you understand it.

It is easy-to-read and full of simple but effective training techniques, case histories, urban myths, great pictures and funny, heart-warming and heart-breaking tales from respected English dog whisperer, Ade Howe. Each copy is signed and dated by the author.

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